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[[Image:{{{consoleimage}}} |{{{imgwidth}}}px]]

Fast Facts on the {{{name}}}

Made by: {{{maker}}}
Variants: {{{variants}}}
Processor: {{{processor}}}
Released in US: {{{usa}}}
Released in EU: {{{europe}}}
Released in JP: {{{japan}}}


This template is to be used on articles about video game consoles. Place the following at the top of a page:

| logos=
| consoleimage=
| imgwidth=
| name=
| maker=
| variants=
| add-ons=
| processor=
| europe=
| usa=
| japan=
| australia=
| benelux=
| brazil=
| germany=
| scandinavia=
| southkorea=

All fields except "consoleimage" are optional.