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The Sega Mega-CD is an add-on peripheral to the Mega Drive that was designed and distributed by Sega. It was distributed in Japan and Europe as the Sega Mega-CD, while distribution in North America carried the name of Sega CD.

Initially released in late 1991, the Mega-CD expanded the capabilities of the Mega Drive by adding a CD drive and several additional chips, which allowed for the use of Audio CDs and CD+G discs as well as specially-designed games primarily distributed on CD. These additions served as an attempt to gain an upper hand on the oncoming Super Nintendo Entertainment System, as well as compete with NEC's PC Engine CD (TurboGraphx-16 CD in the US), but ultimately failed to gain leverage over either.

Two models of the Mega-CD were made during the peripheral's lifetime. The first model, designed to go alongside the first model Mega Drive, sits under the Mega Drive and features a tray-loading CD drive. The second model, designed to g along with the second model Mega Drive, seats the drive to the side of the Mega Drive and loads CDs via a spring-loaded cover instead of a tray.